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Bus Trippers

This group started in June 2013


Various places of interest, plus planning meetings at
Springwood Community Centre
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Group Co-ordinator

Heather Leach

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Can you believe that some people associate a bus pass with being old and boring? Well, the people in our group know better. To us it is literally the ticket to new challenges and opportunities for having adventures and a good time. We are a diverse group. Some of us haven't been on a bus since childhood. Some have only used it for a trip into town. Others are experienced bus travellers. We share trip planning and are getting to grips with the world of timetables, bus routes, connections, and online live updates. Our aim is to see just how far we can go and we intend making the most of our wonderful, free bus passes - while we can. We may even crack open a ginger beer or two.


This was our schedule in 2022

Date Events for 2022
Wed 16th Feb The Mary Rose
Wed 30th March "The Last Bus" film @ The Spring
Wed 4 May Chichester College Lunch
Fri 6 May Petersfield guided walk with Andrew Negus
Thurs 19 May Groundlings Theatre tour
Sat 11 June Chichester Festival of Flowers
Sun 19 June Solstice & Superstitions - Weald & Downland Museum
June/July Garrison Church, Portsmouth
Fri 29 July Solar boat trip, Emsworth
Aug Isle of Wight
Mon 29 Aug Petersfield Summer Festival
Sat 17 Sept Little Woodham
Oct Hilsea Lines walk
Sun 11 Dec Petersfield Christmas Festival

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