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This group is meeting via ZOOM until restrictions are lifted

Although this group is full, names can be added to the Waiting List, and when enough people show interest, another group can be started!

This group started in March 2013


Lovedean Village Hall
(see map)

Meeting Time

Every Wednesday
10am - 12 Noon

Group Co-ordinator

Dawn Simpson

Contact Via:

Group Liaison (Kevin Stock)
023 9217 9298
Or email via our contacts page


The Ukulele group meets weekly for learning / practice and enjoying playing our Ukes. We started in April 2013 with about 10 members but have now grown to about 30. There is a mixture of those who had had no experience to others who already played. We have performed gigs both for the U3A and at public events such as Fort Purbrook Family Fun Day and Denmead village Fete. We perform as Wacky Wednesdays.

During the lockdown period we held a competion for band members to write a poem or lyrics with a theme of the pandemic. Click here to read them!

Click here to watch a short video of us performing 'The Song of the U3A' at the Open Day in August 2016.

Click here to watch a short video of us performing 'Urban Spaceman' at the Open Day in August 2016.

Click here to watch a video of our concert in April 2014.

One of our members Kate Pratt, wrote these words to a tune we perform.

The Song of the U3A
to the tune of ‘The Streets of Laredo’

(F)You can tell just by (C7) looking that (F) we’re on the (C) pension,
Our (F) knees are all (C7) knackered, our (Dm) hair’s turned to (C) grey,
But we’re (F) happy and (C7) busy with (F) no time to (C) spare
For (Dm) we are all (C7) members of (F) the U3A.

(F)On Mondays it’s (C7) German and (F) then off to (C) singing,
A (F) quick cup of (C7) coffee, no (Dm) time to (C) delay,
Then (F) out to play (C7) bridge with (F) partners so (C) varied,
And (Dm) I’ve learnt (C7) canasta at (F) the U3A.

(F) I’m off on a (C7)bus trip with (F) my lunch and (C) rucksack,
Be(F)cause of my (C7) bus pass there’s (Dm) nothing to (C) pay.
We’ll (F) walk and we’ll (C7) talk and we’ll (F) laugh and we’ll (C) chatter,
Because (Dm) that’s what (C7) we do at (F) the U3A.

(F)Wednesdays it’s (C7) ukeing and (F) then a play-(C)reading,
Must (F) finish my (C7) project on (Dm) Sir John Mill(C)ais,
There’s (F) coffee and (C7) biscuits and (F) cake if you’re (C) lucky,
Yes, (Dm) we know (C7) how to live at (F) the U3A!

(F)I’m off on my (C7) bike to my (F) knitting and (C) stitching,
Got the (F) grandchildren (C7) coming, hope the (Dm) house is (C)OK.
Call (F) in to the (C7) library to (F) find books on (C) Nelson.
It’s (Dm) all going (C7) on with our (F) own U3A.

(F) Pilates and (C7) dancing, some (F) radio (C) hamming,
Then (F) off to a (C7) talk about (Dm) gardening on (C) clay.
I’m (F) wiser and(C7) fitter than (F) when I was (C) younger,
So (Dm) thanks very (C7) much to my (F) own U3A.

(F) On Saturday and (C7) Sunday I (F) try to sleep (C) soundly,
Or (F) finish my (C7) homework be(Dm)fore the next (C) day,
For I (F) know that with (C7) Monday it’s (F) all starting (C) over,
Oh (Dm) who could be (C7) bored when there’s (F) the U3A.


In August 2016 we played outside Mary's Beach Hut on Hayling Island

In January 2016 we had a New Year Dinner