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Canasta 1

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This group started in March 2012


Members' Homes

Meeting Time

First & Third Wednesdays
10am - 12 Noon

Group Co-ordinator

Mark Dancey

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We are a well-established social and friendly group who over the years have become very experienced players. The card game Canasta is said to originate from South America and spread to the States and to Europe over 60 years ago which is why there are many variations to the play but the basic rules remain similar. Two of our founding members took many hours in putting together an acceptable set of rules from the variations which is now being used by our Canasta groups. The game (using two or three decks of cards) can be played by individual members but more usually and preferred as a team game of four in a partnership. This can be adapted to suit the number of players present on the day. In this Group we pick our partners out of the hat so as to get good circulation. Canasta is an easy card game to learn and once mastered played with a dash of competitive spirit but in a friendly fashion. We meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month at member’s home’s.