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Board Games (Modern)

This group is playing Online every Thursday pm until restrictions are lifted

Although this group is full, names can be added to the Waiting List, and when enough people show interest, another group can be started!

This group started in Sept 2012


Denmead Community Centre
(see map)

Meeting Time

Monthly First Monday
2.30pm - 4.30pm

Group Co-ordinator

Ruth Curtis

Contact Via:

Group Liaison (Kevin Stock)
023 9217 9298
Or email via our contacts page


Quiz Winners May 2015

We are a friendly group exploring a range of non-traditional (Modern) board games. Many involve strategy and some can be a bit challenging at first - good brain practice! In some the players compete against each other, in others the players compete as a team against the game itself! Some have a board, some have no board, and some build the board as the game is played. We have a non-competitive spirit - the aim is to have fun!

The aim is to have fun!

Games played so far .................

The group enjoying an exciting game of Carcassonne

Puerto Rico

This game unfolds over several rounds. In each round, each player chooses one of seven roles, and then offers all players the actions associated with that role. There is a wide choice - prospector, captain, mayor, trader, settler, builder and craftsman. Players compete to own plantations, build valuable buildings and dispose of their goods in the most profitable way.
But be careful when you choose – some roles taken at the wrong time can give help to the opposition. Be careful the Captain does not catch you out and leave your barrels rotting on the quayside!

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This is very clever card game which has an "epic" feel to it. Players start with a small identical deck of cards, then "buy" cards from the middle of the table to build their own hands. Each player is a monarch looking to expand and build his own Dominion by claiming the neighbouring lands, hiring minions, constructing buildings, sprucing up their castle and filling their coffers with gold! A game of decisions - do you buy more treasure cards (to help you buy more), action cards (to let you do extra stuff), or points cards (the way to win is to have the most points, but these clog up your deck with cards that do nothing!)

Dominion Intrigue

Intrigue adds more cards to the original game. Some are a combination of victory, treasure or action cards, adding extra spice to the game. Secret schemes are afoot, with more characters to give more interaction between the players, which may not always be a good thing! Beware the torturer, and do not trust those minxes in the harem!

The Princes of Florence

Players take the role of the head of an Italian Aristocratic dynasty in the Renaissance. Each strives to make the most prestigious Palazzi with buildings and landscapes, aiming to attract the best artists and scholars to each complete work. Bonus and Prestige cards add fun to the mix. Competition is fierce and never underestimate the power of jesters!

Thurn and Taxis

This month we played a wonderful game called 'Thurn and Taxis'  It won the 'Spiel des Jahres' in Germany in 2006 and takes us  back to the late 15th century when the house of Thurn and Taxis founded the postal services in Italy.  The game board is a map of Europe at that time.  The players compete to build a postal system, finding routes and erecting Post Offices.  There are many challenges and good play will gain maximum points and lead to bigger and better carriages.  This is a low scoring game and the winner will not be known until the last card is played!  


This is a tile laying game in which the players compete to make the best garden of Alhambra. The individual gardens get bigger and more impressive as towers, chambers, seraglios, arcades and pavilions are added around the famous Lion fountain. However, different builders need to be paid in the correct currency before they can do any work, so a canny player increases their money supply evenly. And they must beware of being boxed in by the walls!




The basic game and also the 'Traders and Builders' and 'Inns and Cathedrals' expansions. The first game we played was not a board game! Instead this is a clever tile-laying game in which the players build the board as the game progresses. Each tile depicts a feature - part of a city, road or church. The players score points for each completed feature. It looks a simple game, but it is not as easy as it looks!


Ticket to Ride - Europe

This game does have a board! The players run train companies who build routes across Europe in 1901. They compete to connect the major cities, sometimes needing to use ferries to cross the sea or tunnels to travel beneath mountain ranges. Competition is fierce and the player with the superior strategy will win the day!


Ticket to Ride

The original game in this rapidly expanding family. No worries about tunnels, ferries or stations – just the wide open spaces of North America in 1900!


Ticket to Ride .


Ticket to Ride: India and Switzerland

Two more maps, with the rules slightly altered for each game. India has no tunnels but several long ferry crossings and Grand Tour bonuses for clever railway tycoons! Many routes between towns are short, giving plenty of opportunities to get tangled up or blocked!


Switzerland invites you to travel to the other countries on its borders. No ferries, but an awful lot of mountains!