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Local History 2 Photos 2016

15th December 2016

A Christmas Celebration

We ended our very enjoyable and busy year with a 1950's themed Christmas Party. There was a small exhibition of original toys, games, artifacts and advertising posters from that era. The food was as close as possible to what would have been enjoyed at that time, with some enjoying the jelly with evaporated milk more than others!! We even had games - Pass the Parcel and a Paper Chain making competition - and how competitive the teams were! Our very own U3A Ukulele Group, Wacky Wednesdays, entertained us with a Festive sing-a-long and to end our afternoon a surprise visit from Father Christmas!
With best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year from Mary, Grace, Libby, Jane and Sue.

17th November 2016

Talk "Portsmouth in the 60's" by Peter Keat

Everyone enjoyed this illustrated talk on "Portsmouth in the 60's" by local author, Peter Keat. For those who were born in the area it brought back many memories of how 'things were' way back then, and for those who weren't, got an insight into that era. Much has changed over the years but it all adds to the amazing history of Portsmouth.

20th October 2016

Talk "Haunted Hampshire" by Penny Legg

The very interesting and fascinating talk by Penny Legg posed the question - ' do you believe in things that go bump in the night?' There are several 'haunted' buildings in the area, Horndean, Southampton and Winchester, to name but a few and they all have a tale to tell. Penny has written several books on the subject and you can learn more by logging onto her website: www.pennylegg.com

15th September 2016

'Explosion' Museum, Gosport

Situated in the former Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Priddy's Hard, Explosion is an award winning museum of naval warfare created within 18th century buildings including the original powder magazine of 1771. There is interest for all, inside and out of the museum, with views across to Portchester Castle, Whale Island and the Naval Base.

18th August 2016

Guided walk through Wickham Village

After thoroughly researching the history of Wickham Village Mary and Libby took us on a guided tour starting from the site of the old station, now sadly closed. The original village was closer to St. Nicholas Church but was relocated to it's nearby present site in 1269. It has always been a thriving village with the River Meon flowing through. Many industries, which included a mill, brewery, tannery and a foundry grew up and flourished there. In 1269 King Henry lll granted Wickham the right to hold a weekly market and an annual fair which continues to this day. We enjoyed a lovely tea in the historic Kings Head Inn in the Square.


21st July 2016

Guided Walking Tour of Thomas Ellis Owen (1805 - 1862) buildings, Southsea

We started our tour from St. Jude's Church, which was built by Thomas Ellis Owen and consecrated in 1851. Walking west along Kent Road we were able to look at TEO's family home which was completed in 1848, and is now part of Portsmouth High School. There are further examples of his very distinctive style of architecture along Kent Road, Sussex Road, Sussex Terrace leading into Queen's Place and finally Queen's Grove. Our guides Sue and John Pike gave us an excellent guided tour and an insight into the man who helped shape and develop Southsea in the mid 1800's. Tea at Churchill's, Marmion Road, was much needed on a hot afternoon!

16th June 2016

Visit to HMS M.33, Portsmouth Dockyard

HMS M.33 is not only the sole remaining British veteran of the bloody Dardanelles Campaign of 1915-16, but also of the Russian Civil War which followed. The ship is one of just three British warships from World War l still in existence.

19th May 2016

Guided walk around Petersfield

Our excellent guide Bill, from The Petersfield Historic Society, gave us an insight into Petersfield's past as we walked around the town. We began in the Square, which hasn't changed position or size since the town was first formed in the 12th century. The statue of Prince William, which now has pride of place in The Square, was originally in St. Peter's Road, opposite the present police station. We learned that the Phsyic Garden is where the Burbage Plot for the town once stood, and that the town used to have a staggering number of coaching inns in bygone years - one of which, The George, served us with tea at the end of our walk.

21st April 2016

D-Day Museum and the Overlord Embroidery

We had a wonderful visit to the D-Day Museum with a guided tour of the Overlord Embroidery. The magnificent Overlord Embroidery, which took five years to complete, is 272 feet (83 metres) in length and was commissioned by Lord Dulverton of Batsford as a tribute to the sacrifice and heroism of those men and women who took part in Operation Overlord.
Afterwards a short walk took us into the Courtyard Café, Southsea Castle, to enjoy afternoon tea and cake.

17th March 2016

Talk by Eric Birbeck MVO on Royal Hospital Haslar

What an amazing history Haslar has!. From it's beginning in 1745, costing £100,000, it took 16 years to complete. For over 250 years Haslar treated sailors from the Battle of Trafalgar to the Gulf War and in later years admitted the general public for treatment. The doors were closed on this establishment finally in 2009. Eric told us many fascinating stories about Haslar's history and some of the characters involved in the early days. Many more details on it's history, and future, can be found on www.haslarheritagegroup.co.uk

18th February 2016

"Bring and Chat"

Instead of having a Speaker for our February meeting we tried something different and trialled an event entitled "Bring and Chat".

Four of our members Grace, Libby, Yvonne and Sue brought along memorabilia from their families' history and gave us a brief talk on their collection. We saw commemorative jugs from Brickwoods Brewery, a small piece of string off the rigging on the Mary Rose, photographs and newspaper cuttings of a naval diver, a jug with three handles from Waterlooville and many more objects of interest. it was a very enjoyable afternoon which we no doubt will repeat.

21st January 2016

Talk on the History of Petersfield and Museum by Dr. Kathrin Pierin

Dr. Kathrin Pieren, Curator and Manager of Petersfield Museum gave us an enthusiastic and enjoyable talk on the History of Petersfield, the Museum and it's exhibits.

There has been a settlement in and around Petersfield since the Bronze Age. During the twelfth century a chapel was built and dedicated to St. Peter where a small community grew up around it, becoming the now bustling town of Petersfield. The Museum was opened in 1999 and, soon to be extended, is full of local artefacts. The Museum's Trustees have purchased the Police Station, which adjoins the present Museum, and have great plans for it's future development. Exciting times ahead for both museum and town.