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Birdwatching / Wildlife Wanderers

Although this group is full, there is another group like this that has vacancies

This group started in May 2016



Meeting Time


Group Co-ordinator

David Lockyer

Contact Via:

Group Liaison (Kevin Stock)
023 9217 9298
Or email via our contacts page

Our bird watching group is a close feathered flock of like minded individuals. Under ‘normal’ circumstances we meet regularly to plan visits to rewarding sites… inland and coastal. We also look at floral residents and insects. Particularly butterflies. We have built up our modest expertise over a number of years now. We share photos and bird experiences and provided talks on a voluntary basis and our coordinator occasionally writes a poem. eg.

Green Woodpecker

Camouflaged by constant where am I charades bird
I laugh and cackle to mislead you bird.
You've passed me missed me bird
I've just landed to your left obscured by leaves can't see me bird
. I'm ahead now, way out of your sight bird.
No, left. Left! I've left you right behind bird.
Here and gone, there and ploy bird.
Heard me, Didn’t see me.
Wrong tree! Wrong tree!