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50s & 60s Music

This group is SUSPENDED, but may arrange the occasional meeting, but is unlikely to get back to normal until restrictions are lifted

Although this group is full, names can be added to the Waiting List, and when enough people show interest, another group can be started!

This group started in Jan 2017


Springwood Community Centre
(see map)

Meeting Time

Monthly Fourth Thursday
2pm - 4pm

Group Co-ordinator

Drew Gurney

Contact Via:

Group Liaison (Kevin Stock)
023 9217 9298
Or email via our contacts page


Quiz Winners Feb 2018 & May 2018

50s & 60s Music Nostalgia Group

The group listens to music tracks from the decades of the 1950s and 1960s. Where members also have fond memories of tunes from other decades, such as the 1940s, or more recent times such as the 1970s, we appreciate this wide span of some forty years of musical nostalgia.

Many tunes from these decades will come within the musical genre of ‘pop’. Though other related musical genres, such as jazz, country and folk, for example, from our chosen decades are also welcome. We collate tracks as Spotify playlists and playback from the Cloud via a Bluetooth speaker. We also view music videos from YouTube on a large TV screen at our venue.

27th February 2020 - PLACES

We were a smaller group this month, but able to have a group discussion about future meetings and to resolve the direction of the group, deciding to continue with the themes which we have followed for the last couple of years and which have been very successful This means that the group can focus on specific themes, based on different genres and artists who recorded during the period between the 1940's through to the 1970's. Below is a record of the artists and tracks we enjoyed listening to. One thing that the MUSIC GROUP enjoys is to relax, go back in time and share with the group, reasons for our selections and basically reminisce! To view all the tracks we listened to click here

23rd January 2020 - LANDSCAPE

Lots of imagination was used at our first meeting of the year to meet the topic for the month. As the group was smaller than usual, we were able to have three personal tracks played, which was great as everyone had come along well prepared with sufficient tracks to meet this. In some instances, members cleverly reached the target with both the artist and the track. Double points for this! Attached is a record of the music which we listened to. We managed to listen to 27 tracks in total. To view all the tracks we listened to click here

November 2019

Our last meeting for 2019. Members were challenged with trying to find tracks which fitted into the NUMBERS category - either the Artist(s) or the track title itself. As always, the groups rose to this challenge and provided us with an afternoon of variety. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

October 2019

This month, the group welcomed two further new members to the group, which means that we are now up to full complement. It was decided by the group as a whole previously, that we would stick to the musical choice format which we followed last year, as we felt that there remains masses of tracks still waiting to be listened to with the same topics. It was good to welcome our Musical Maestro back again, which meant that we were able, where possible, to see the groups performing courtesy of Wi-fi. Our chosen topic for this month was COLOURS and listed below are the tracks which we enjoyed hearing! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

April 2019

We were thin on the ground this month as we were a small band of six. However, this meant that we were able to listen to three tracks each which in itself was a bonus! The topic was FOOD AND DRINK and we all rose to the challenge admirably as usual as you will see! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

March 2019

This month's topic "PLANETS / STARS / MOONS" really was truly interesting and quite inspirational in the group members' choice of tracks. Well done everybody for such a great variety AND many artists we hadn't played (or heard of perhaps!). Most interesting and with a change in topic each month the search engines on our computers are a boon! The Beatles proved to be the highest choice this month! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

Febuary 2019

This month's topic "ALSO RECORDED BY" turned out to be very interesting indeed, but did prove a bit more difficult than usual. However, it meant that we introduced one or two new artists to the group. As always, it was fun both listening to them and also seeing them on the screen! Well done to members for their research this month! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

January 2019

Our first meeting of the year was well attended as always with us welcoming a second new member to the group, which means that the group is now FULL. After experiencing some trouble with linkage to the Wi-Fi system, which was resolved eventually both by a special booster being attached to the system and by the skill of our Deputy who is a music "guru", with a wealth of experience in technology, we all settled down to albeit, a shortened session. Thankfully, though the number of tracks were reduced, we had a good afternoon listening to music created by SINGER SONG WRITERS. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

December 2018

Our December music was quite varied, allowing the group to make a choice of topics which included PERSONAL CHOICE TRACKS/CHRISTMAS/DECEMBER TOPICS i.e. SLEEP/DREAMS/NIGHT. The popular themes were to celebrate the season but there were variations as below. We celebrated by bringing along something to enjoy
having with a cuppa and as always, it was a good get together with members humming along to the tracks. A very happy and relaxed afternoon with a group who have enjoyed a really good year of music all round. We welcomed a new member to the group and we believe that she enjoyed it too! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

November 2018

As usual, all members did their homework and managed to find some interesting tracks for this month's topic. Lots of "walking" down memory lane and familiar tracks which were tucked away in our memory banks across the decades. A lovely way to spend a November afternoon, listening and reminiscing to a mixture of artists and tracks. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

October 2018

This month's topic focused on artists' recordings which incorporated CLOTHES/SHOES/HATS/JEWELLERY and some of us found this to be quite a challenge. However, although we were only a small group this month, we did manage to listen or watch on You Tube, 21 tracks in total which are listed below! Perhaps next month's topics of Sleep/Dreams/Night may prove easier. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

September 2018

A happy return for the group, following our summer break and to listen to some great music, chat and walk down memory lane! During this session, we covered one or two genres including FOLK, POP, COUNTRY AND WESTERN and not forgetting JAZZ. To view the wide range of music we were able to bring to the group under a very seasonal heading, click here.

July 2018

At our last meeting before we have our usual August break, we had to use our
imagination (as always) and try and think up some novel tracks which would
meet this month's topic. As always, the group never fails to delve into the
past, wrack their brains and come up with the goods! Another very relaxing
meeting during which we sang or hummed along to some "oldies" and
listened to some interesting stories on reasons for our choices. We shall get
together again in September to finish off last year's topics and start
afresh on some new ones. Thanks to Springwood Community Centre for now
providing us with an updated sound system! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

June 2018

For those following our webpage, we had a "hiccup" when we attended for our May get together - the sound system wasn't working! This resulted in us having a cuppa, some biscuits and holding some negotiations with "Management". Alas....no music! Fortunately, the matter was rectified and we were able to listen to 25 tracks on the topic of TIME/WEEKDAYS at our JUNE MEETING. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

April 2018

This month's topic was WEATHER and therefore of 22 tracks played during our April get together, the major topic even on disc was RAIN! However using our imagination, we were able to include tornados, clouds, mist and sunshine. We had to rely on tracks being played on the "boom box" and forego our usual treat of watching and listening to artists via wi-fi and managed by listening to CD's. Below are the tracks for this month. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

March 2018

The theme for this month's meeting caused much scratching of heads and research but amazingly there were few clashes in track suggestions. Such a lot of clever thinking went into those tracks finally submitted. Click here for the list of what we actually listened to and very much enjoyed!

February 2018

The group celebrated their first anniversary last month so we are now into another year listening to great tracks! For February's musical get together we chose to explore the theme of HEAD TO TOES which led to a great variety
of tracks and videos displaying the artists performing or exploring their background on Wikipaedia. We were a smaller group this month BUT this did not detract from us all enjoying a most relaxing couple of hours listening, reminiscing and travelling back in time to our youth! One or two instances also saw us viewing and listening to artists whom we had no knowledge of! Educational as well as enjoyable! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

January 2018

The theme for JANUARY 2018 for the group was "PLACES" and our musical journey led us to some interesting parts of the world i.e. London, Paris, Winchester, Scotland and various parts of the United States! It also led to an eclectic mix of genres including jazz, country and western and mainstream over several decades.
A happy afternoon was spent listening and singing to many of the choices which brought back memories of happy events and travel in our lives. Two hours pass VERY quickly indeed! To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

November 2017

We were in the great outdoors this month, listening and reminiscing with tunes such as ‘Climb Every Mountain’, ‘Beyond the Sea’, ‘Like a Rolling Stone’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and ‘Walking On Sunset’. To mark the passing of Fats Domino last month, we watched a video from a few years back of him singing ‘Blueberry Hill’. To view all the tracks we listened to click here.

October 2017

The theme this month of ‘numbers’ saw a wide variety of tracks from ‘Sweet Sixteen’ by Julie Andrews to ‘2000 Light Years from Home’ by the Stones. Other tracks we enjoyed included those by Manfred Mann, Gary U.S. Bonds, Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Chuck Berry and The Doors. We also viewed music videos which included Unit 4 Plus 2 with ‘Concrete & Clay’, Simon and Garfunkle ‘59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)’ and Duane Eddy with ‘Forty Miles of Bad Road. To view the audio tracks and album covers from this month click here.

September 2017

Fresh from the summer break we plunged into the kaleidoscopic theme of ‘colour’ listening and reminiscing about tracks such as ‘Blue Bayou’, ‘Silence Is Golden’, ‘Nights In White Satin’ and ‘Green Tambourine’. We also viewed music videos such as Bob Dylan with ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’, Patti Page with ‘Red Sails In The Sunset’ and The Seekers with ‘Take Me To The Emerald City’. Not to forget, Jimi Hendrix with ‘Purple Haze’, plus the Beatles live at the Hollywood Bowl with ‘Baby’s In Black’! Lastly we included a video of the late Glen Campbell singing (and playing standout guitar) on “Gentle On My Mind’. To view a selection of the audio tracks played click here

July 2017

With no meeting in August the aim was to catch-up on any tracks that had been missed over the last six months. Our choices ranged from Elvis, Johnny Cash and Steppenwolf to Eva Cassidy singing ‘Over the Rainbow’. On the theme of ‘Duos’ choices included The Righteous Brothers and The Walker Brothers. Also, a short video on the life and times of The Everley Brothers, narrated by Mark Knofler of Dire Straits, was viewed. Reminisces included discussing the best method for stiffening rock & roll petticoats – soaking them in sugar was the preferred procedure! To view the tracks we listened to click here.

June 2017

While voting continued on the day of the general election, we busied ourselves listening to tracks from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. The Hollies, The Spinners and The Weavers were amongst groups we reminisced about. While tunes such as Marrakesh Express, April Love and In My Liverpool Home featured. Click here to view a selection of songs we listened to.

May 2017
The meeting opened with a discussion on popular music from the 1940s to the 1970s. We also touched on what is ‘pop’ music and how it relates to other musical genres such as country and jazz. We then listened to tracks (and viewed videos) by Chuck Berry, who passed away earlier this year. We also reminisced about and listened to songs from the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album, which was first issued fifty years ago. We finally squeezed in a few tracks from one of our current themes, ‘Desert Island Discs’.
Click here to view some of the tracks we listened to.

April 2017
This month downloading tracks from the cloud was unavailable. But the group enjoyed listening to CDs by artists such as, The Hollies, Jefferson Airplane, Cliff Richard, The Byrds, Elvis and Johnny Cash.

March 2017

This month we continued down memory lane with tracks selected from our Desert Island choices. After a refreshment break we moved on to a selection of tracks on the themes of ‘transport’ and ‘instrumentals’.

Click here to view the music we listened to.

February 2017
At our second meeting we continued listening to tracks from our Desert Island choices. We also made a start on a new theme of ‘transport, with Little Eva’s ‘Locomotion’ and the Hollies ‘Bus Stop’ both making an appearance. The tunes we listened to brought back many reminiscences, including catering for Bob Dylan at a rock festival in 1978; missing a farewell Elvis concert when he was he was stationed in Germany and ‘rocking all over the world’ on P&O cruises. Click here to view the tracks played.

January 2017
At our first meeting we made a start on sharing the ‘Desert Island’ playlists group members had compiled. We listened to our chosen tracks using the music-streaming app Spotify. Click here to view some of the songs we enjoyed, as captured by the music recognition app Shazam.